The BOR product is designed for the underlying base chain of blockchain and the big data analysis of compatible enterprises. We are committed to bringing the best development experience to blockchain enterprises. We are committed to working with BOR to help you create first-class applications on the platform.

Blockchain for all

Blockchain For All

The BOR network pioneered the development of the underlying blockchain and the analysis of underlying data. Our cross-link bridge provides interoperability and scalability, allowing assets to move freely between any BOR based network


Proof of Stake gives community members and token holders the power to participate in consensus and block.

Introducing BOR20
Introducing BOR20

Introducing BOR

The BOR token is a testament to interoperability. They exhibit all the same characteristics as native BOR tokens, but exist as standard BOR tokens on the main BOR chain. DApp was built in the main chain of BOR, and the development of the main chain helped to build the underlying system. In addition, intelligent data analysis could be realized, and the analysis data could be packaged and stored at any time, so as to provide accurate decision-making for the developers of the new system.


The BOR network allows highly scalable games to be built on the platform while supporting the security of autonomous consistency proof. The BOR network is a separate blockchain that supports local reliability. This provided simple compatibility when the game system was ported to the BOR network. BOR offers the lowest transaction costs for players, a fraction of the main chain, and much faster than similar main networks. BOR offers its own browser and wallet, creating a fully functional ecosystem for game development and growth..

Introducing BOR20 BOR GAMES FUND #1 - 50,000 Dai
30,000 Dai

The BOR Games Fund #1 has provided us $10,000 for our online game development, including the largest single award we've ever received through the BOR grant. And more! If you're a developer, learn how to apply for funding to create the next big blockchain game..


Geon App

Geon is one of the most popular games within the entire Ethereum ecosystem, and it runs on the BOR Network. This augmented reality project incentivizes users to visit real-world locations to collect rewards. The BOR Games fund is helping the Geon App continue to grow thanks to a $25,000 Dai reward from the BOR Games Fund.

Success Factors

User Experience

Execution is fast, fun and seamless within the blockchain environment.

Real-World Adoption

Geon has immediate applications for businesses and individual users around the world.

Built For You

Anything you can do on the main BOR chain can be done on the BOR network. Our network provides the speed, security, and cost-effectiveness of private networks over public networks


You can build your own network with your own validators based on our trusted ceremony and on-chain governance.

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Deploy DApps for identity, crowdfunding, gaming, real estate, and anything else you can imagine.

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The BOR network's journey to solve many of today's fundamental blockchain problems - combining speed, security, and cost efficiency while increasing scalability - has been covered by various media organizations. Check out some of our latest updates

The Road Ahead

We see BOR as the first step towards achieving our vision of horizontal blockchain scalability. We’ve come a long way since we first announced our project in April 2019. But we’re just getting started. See what we’re aiming to accomplish in the months ahead.

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